The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

October 5, 2016

If I were to ask you, what was your five-year plan, could you tell me.  I
have been taught to always have a one-year plan, and a five-year plan.  Even
though understandably these are always subject to change, my mind always
seems to have to have a plan.  In my thinking that I have to have this, God
is teaching me patience.  He is teaching me that today is the only day I
have to worry about.  This may seem very simple and easy to do for you, but
this is a constant battle within my mind.  You see, I have to have a plan,
for I am a planner.  I have to set my wheels in motion to something that I
have laid out before me, yet this need, this excessive concern about having
to have something to complete, is totally wearing against the very Spirit
that lives inside me.   Like Paul, I want to say, "What a wretched man I am!
who will rescue me from this dying body?"  This body that continues to fight
for its own way of doing things and thinking things, against the things that
I know in my heart God wants me doing.   When Paul finishes this by saying,
"I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with my mind I myself
am a slave to the law of God, but with my flesh, to the law of sin."  Romans
7:24-25  And I do thank Him, for His will makes me so much happier than the
will of the flesh.  For a man like me who has to have a plan, I find that if
I follow the will of the Lord, He is my plan! He is my one-year, and my
five-year plan, and my plan for all time on this earth and beyond.  In James
we are told: "Come now, you who say, 'Today or tomorrow we will travel to
such and such a city and spend a year there and do business and make a
profit.' You don't even know what tomorrow will bring - what your life will
be! For you are like smoke that appears for a little while, then vanishes.
Instead, you should say, 'If the Lord wills, we will live and do this or
that.' But as it is you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil.
So it is a sin for the person who knows to do what is good and doesn't do
it." James 4:13-17  So then I can have my one and five year plans, for if
they change tomorrow, because following the Lord has set me on a different
path, then I will change my plans.  It's ok to plan, as long as I don't do
everything I can do to live according to the plan.  Because the plan is not
my charge, God is. My plans are only a roadmap drawn before me, so that I
can see which direction I will travel this day.   I know that I don't need
this plan, but making the plan satisfies my need to have a plan, all the
while, knowing that the bigger plan is to walk according to the will of the
Lord in my life. I realize that what I have written on my mind could change,
even for today, and I am ok with that.  But how about you?  Has your plans
become so cemented in your mind that you seek to follow them instead of
listening to the will of the Lord?  I know that my mind will probably always
want to go in a direction that is contrary to God, but thanks to his word, I
can always say, "If the Lord wills, I will live and do this or that.  That
is the prologue of my daily existence, and with the Lord's guidance, the
rest of the story will be written by Him.  If we ask Him to write our story,
the story, we know, will always be filled with blessing and with Him
receiving the glory and honor.  If He leads me through the fire, I will not
be alone.  If He leads me through the storm, He will be my shelter.  If He
leads me through joy of the brightest sunshine's, that will be my blessing,
and His glory.  So I am content with that, and I pray that today, you will
listen to His will, His desire for Your life, and with your long range plan
in hand, walk in the footprints of God.

Pastor Andy

Heavenly Father, please guide us in Your steps today.  For those who
struggle with even taking a footstep forward because of fear or illness or
circumstances, I pray for Your grace to pour out over them and gently walk
them forward.  I love Your word, for Your word is truth, and for all of us
who read this, I pray that Your word will feed us this day.  I pray then
for: Mike and his sisters, for a young mother and her premature baby, that
only You know Lord. I pray for: Gus, Lisa, and Alice, and you guide their
steps. I pray for Mike S., who needs your patience today. I pray for Don,
Lynn, Dwight, Sammi, the Foster, Reed, Fuqua families in their time of need.
I pray for: Terry and his dad, Shelly and her mother, Susan and her dad, Tim
and his mother, Pam and her son, Kelly and her son, Richard and his father,
Julissa and her friend, Angie, Isabel, Vanessa, Malachi, Corbin, Ryan,
Olivia, Jeremiah, a missing girl from Saginaw, Joanna, Tom, Evelyn, Joy,
Ruth, Robbie, Ada, Nada, JV, Nancy, Betty H., Ben and his family, the Briggs
church, Ben, Ramona, Tracy, Abraham, Elijah, Japheth, Jeff, Laura, Mike,
Megan, Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany, Tim, Michelle, Carmello, Kaitlyn. I pray
for this thorn in the flesh. I pray for Tonia, Todd, Liam, Aiden, Jackie
Ann, Pastor Berkey, Adrian, Alan, Fisher, Tuly, Betsy, Tyler, Kristen,
Kristena, Trevor Maria, Choya, Alex, Ken, Eric, Sandy, Andrea, Shannon,
Robert, Pat, Ryan, Tyson, Wendy, Montella, Joyce, Betty, David, Phyllis,
Devon, Cindy, Barbara, Terri, Marliana, Loren, Cynthia, Bill, Carolyn, BJ,
Ida, Barry, Johnny, Annette, Kim, Gary, Gavin, Shawn, Laurie, Heather, Codi,
Ron, Deane, Dan, Rheba, Pam, Mike, Austin, Harriet, Dotty, Fred, James,
Scott, April, Craig, Betty, Hunter, Asher, Lynette, Kathy, Jennifer,
Patrick, Candace, Abe, Trent, Garret, Mayeaux, Ben, Jason, Ashley, Marc,
Macy, Jade, Bob. I pray that we all seek Your face today, as our map to
guide us through whatever waits for us, for I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

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