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October 10, 2016

I trust you had a wonderful day in the Lord yesterday, when you had the
distinct pleasure to fellowship with like-minded brothers and sisters in the
Lord.  What a feeling of completeness when we are blessed with fellowship
and as we worship the Lord.  We sing, and even though I'm sure there are
some who would rather not have to sing, this is a very important part of our
fellowship with each other and raising our worship to the Lord God, for all
He has done for us, with us, and a wonderful opportunity to be encouraged
and strengthened in the Lord.  We read in Scripture: "Above all, put on love
- the perfect bond of unity. And let the peace of the Messiah, to which you
were also called in one body, control your hearts. Be thankful. Let the
message about the Messiah dwell richly among you, teaching and admonishing
one another in all wisdom, and singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs,
with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or in
deed do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the
Father through Him." Colossians 3:14-17  What perfect scripture to start our
work-week.  Do you let the peace of the Messiah control your heart? Are you
thankful for the brotherhood and long for every occasion in which we can
unit together and do exactly what the scripture reminds us of.  We don't do
this because we are told to do it.  We do it because we love the
opportunity, as often as possible, to join together, to sing together, to
worship our Lord together, to study together, to listen to the Word of God
and to let Him speak to our hearts through the Spirit, and then to be fed by
the very Words we choose to live by.  This is unity! This is the love of the
Father for each other.  Some people would call us foolish, spending our time
with each other, and worshipping together, yet how could they understand?
How could they know that God will change them, and give them a new heart?
How can they know that they too, could become a child of God, instead of a
child of fear?  And would they even think they are children of fear now?
Certainly those without Christ fear death, and those that say they don't,
are simply lying. For everyone who does not know the certainty of eternal
life, fears that which they do not know, and that is what happens to them
when they die.   Oh sure, the young, who feel invincible, would say they
don't care.  I know, I was there.  I was not afraid of death, but that was
only a lie I lived with, for inside I feared what would happen to me upon
death.  You see, in case you happen to be reading this and are not a
believer, think about why we would be born and live for a certain number of
days, many of which are filled with pain and sorrow, to only die and be no
more.  Why even live? What is the purpose?  There has to be a purpose!  That
was the question I found myself faced with, with the loss of my brother.
What was the purpose of even being born?  The only logical conclusion is
that there is a purpose, and God is that purpose, for He purposed us for
fellowship with Him, before the foundations of the world.  He wants to have
a people to love Him, and will want to be with Him, but He cannot tolerate
sin.  Therein, we die!  But He also provided a payment for our sin, so that
we can live and have fellowship with Him.  He has given us the fellowship of
believers, so that we can have a small glimpse of the hope that awaits us,
when we leave this earth.  It's amazing to me that even those who do not
believe, would say of another unbeliever when he dies, "He's now in a better
place!"  But is he?  I'm sorry to say that he is not, if he does not have
Christ, for he is living under the judgment of all unbelievers, who will
still have to be judged for what they have done, for they live by works, and
not by faith.  So fellowship my friends, and enjoy the company of other
believers, for our unity, our faith, our worship, our singing, and our
giving thanks, is but a glimpse of what we can look forward to always.

Pastor Andy

Heavenly Father, Lord, I know we have so much to be grateful for, and we
love You, because You first loved us.  I pray today for these I lift to You:
Candace, Meredith, Dwight, Don, Ellen's friend, who struggles with false
accusations, Kim, Becky, Kathy, a young man shipping off with the military.
I pray for Charlie, who has a heart condition, for Terri and her diabetes,
Ada, Loren, a young lady who has cancer of the tongue, Father, I lift those
families who have suffered loss, and You know them. Please continue to
comfort  them. I pray for Pam and her son, Kelly and her son, Tim and his
mother, Terry and his father, Shelly and her mother, Richard and his father,
Julissa and her friend, Angie, Isabel, Kristena, Abby, Vanessa, Malachi,
Corbin, Mike S., Ryan, Olivia, Jeremiah, Joanna, Tom, Evelyn, Joy, Ruth,
Robbie, Ada, Nada, JV, Nancy, Betty H., Ben and family, the Briggs church,
Ben, Ramona, Tracy, Abraham, Elijah, Japheth, Jeff, Laura, Mike, Megan,
Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany, Tim, Michelle, Carmello, Kaitlyn, Tonia, Todd,
Liam, Aiden, Jackie Ann, Pastor Berkey, Alan, Fisher, Tuly, Betsy, Tyler,
Kristen, Trevor, Maria, Choya, Alex, Ken, Eric, Sandy, Andrea, Shannon,
Robert, Pat, Ryan, Tyson, Wendy, Montella, Joyce, Betty, David, Phyllis,
Devon, Cindy, Barbara, Marliana, Loren, Cynthia, Bill, Carolyn, BJ, Ida,
Barry, Johnny, Annette, Kim, Gary, Gavin, Shawn, Laurie, Heather, Codi, Ron,
Deane, Dan, Rheba, Pam, Mike, Austin, Harriet, Fred, Dotty, James, Scott,
April, Craig, Betty, Hunter, Asher, Lynette, Kathy, Jennifer, Patrick, Abe,
Trent, Garret, Mayeaux, Ben, Jason, Ashley, Marc, Macy, Jade, Bob.  I pray
for the strength to follow You, whatever Your will is for us, may we be made
new in You, for I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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