The Journey Thoughts

October 24, 2016

Scripture tells us: " For which of you, wanting to build a tower, doesn't
first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete
it? Otherwise, after he has laid the foundation and cannot finish it, all
the onlookers will begin to make fun of him, saying, 'This man started to
build and wasn't able to finish.'  Luke 14:28-30 The Scripture is given by
the Lord, to let us know what the cost is in following Him.  He ends the two
analogies with: "In the same way, therefore, every one of you who does not
say good-bye to all his possessions cannot be My disciple." v 33  Now for
someone who is building his house, I am paying close attention to this
story, because I don't want my house to become my idol.  I know that we have
been given all things on this earth for our pleasure, but we have been given
all by God, who is above all that was given.  Do we serve and honor the gift
or the giver of the gift.  I know that if my things were gone tomorrow,  I
would still be content. For my things do not define me.  What I pray defines
me is my life in Christ.  But, my brothers and sisters, it can be a fine
line between the two, serving God, or serving things, so it takes a
commitment daily to define who we will serve this day.  It's one of the
reasons I am committed to waking up  to complete this Journey.   I want my
daily journey to be started with God, not with things.  I have to admit,
some nights it's hard for me to sleep, because the things of the world, the
things I have to get done, keep me awake, and I toss and turn thinking of
all the things yet to do.  I hope that one day I will get to the point that
my nights as well as my days will be filled with the thoughts of the Lord,
and not the thoughts of what I have to get done.  So, I read, and I pray,
and I think about what the Lord has done for me, and what my life would be
like without Him.  I think about how many times, He has beckoned me through
His Spirit to rest in Him, even through trials and difficulties.  Even while
I work on building, this too, can be dedicated to the Lord, for His glory
and His purpose, and although I don't know what He has in mind, I am sure
that He will make it clear at some time, for His presence through the Spirit
is becoming more and more evident and I love the times of sitting and
resting in Him.  So what's on your mind today?  Have you had a hard time
sleeping because of all the things of on your mind that you have to get
done?  Have things of the earth become so burdensome that you don't seem to
have the time to spend in quiet time with the Lord? Has illness, or
hardship, or trials, filled you with anxiety and fears?  Have you become
weary because the road ahead of you seems to be too tiring?  If any of these
carry a "Yes" then why not sit down, take out your bible and have a talk
with the Lord. He will answer you, when you take a moment to listen.  He
will reveal His presence if not His will for you, for He loves you so much
and He wants you to know that He is always there, waiting for you to desire
to spend time with Him.  He desires that we consider the cost, and after
considering the cost of following Him, we plead with Him for the strength
for the journey ahead, for we know one thing: Following Him will require
more than we can muster within us, and may very well take us through valleys
of fear that we can't possibly comprehend, yet, the cost will be worth it,
because we know that He will travel this road with us, and He will not only
guide us, but strengthen us for what awaits us.  This is the way to start
the day, so don't wait till tomorrow, start now, and you will not regret
committing to the cost of following Jesus, and we will finish this journey
with Him.

Pastor Andy

Heavenly Father, please forgive us for the times we do not put You first.
Forgive us for the complacency of placing things of this world before You.
Help us to know that the cost we have determined is so worth it, and we want
to dedicate our lives to You.  I pray for those who have circumstances
surrounding them that is making them weary for the travel.   I pray for them
who can feel the cost already, I pray that You will give them strength.  I
pray for: the Markle family, Travis, Virginia, Eric, Eva, Don, Dwight,
Barbara, Pastor Berkey, Nancy, June, JT, Candace, Carolyn, Mike S., Ramona,
Loren, Becky, Judy, Ben, The Young family, Robbie, Kathy, Terri, Becky,
Montella, Charlie, Kim, Nada, Angie, Isabel, Terry and his dad, Tim and his
mom, Shelly and her mom, Pam and her son, Kelly and her son, Richard and his
dad, Julissa and her friend, Ellen's friend, Kristena, Abby, Vanessa,
Malachi, Corbin, Ryan, Olivia, Jeremiah, Joanna, Tom, Evelyn, Joy, Ruth,
Ada, JV, BJ, Ida, Betty H., Briggs church, Jackie Ann, Tonia, Todd, Liam
Aiden, Alan, Fisher, Tuly, Betsy, Michelle, Trevor, Maria, Choya, Alex, Ken,
Eric, Sandy, Andrea, Shannon, Robert, Pat, Ryan, Tyson, Wendy, Joyce, Betty,
Gus, Lisa, Alice, David, Phyllis, Devon, Cindy, Marliana, Cynthia, Barry,
Johnny, Annette, Kim, Gary, Gavin, Shawn, Laurie, Heather, Codi, Ron, Deane,
Dan, Rheba, Pam, Mike, Austin, Harriet, Fred, Dotty, James, Scott, April,
Craig, Hunter, Betty, Asher, Lynette, Kathy, Jennifer, Patrick, Abe,
Candace, Trent, Garret, Mayeaux, Meredith, Ben, Jason, Ashley, Marc, Macy,
Jade, Bob, Tracy, Abraham, Elijah, Japheth, Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany, Mike,
Megan, Jeff, Laura, Carmello, Kaitlyn, Tim, Michelle. I pray for my family,
and I pray for Mike and Terri, who need You right now Lord, to make sense
out of all the trials surrounding them. Please be our guide and our
comforter, I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

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