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July 3, 2017

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April 12, 2016

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The Journey Thoughts

November 2, 2016

People are so fickle, yet we have only to look at the Word of God, and see
that this behavior was present even during Jesus time on earth.  Jesus
talked about "this generation."  He compared the generation to a group of
children who played a game, yet no one could understand the game.  His
comparison was this: "For John did not come eating or drinking, and they
say, 'He has a demon!' The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they
say, 'Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and
sinners!' Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds." Matthew 11:18-19 You see,
Jesus wanted the people to know that they missed what was in front of them.
They missed the Messiah, because they could only see Him surrounded by
sinners and tax collectors.  They totally missed the very presence of Christ
and the things He did, and the things He said.  Fast forward a few years, to
Paul writing a letter to the churches in Corinth, and he says this: "Since
many boast in an unspiritual way, I will also boast. For you being so wise,
gladly put up with fools! In fact, you put up with it if someone enslaves
you, if someone devours you, if someone captures you, if someone dominates
you, or if someone hits you in the face.  I say this to our shame: We have
been weak." 2 Corinthians 11: 18-20  People still in this generation put up
with corruption by some, and want to throw the book at another doing the
same thing.  We will be willing to elect people as  leaders of our country,
who do the very things that others are put in prison for.  Wisdom will
clearly be vindicated by her deeds!"   So, if this has been going on for the
past 2000 years, why change it now?  Yes, it has been going on, but people,
faithful to our Lord, and faithful to do the right things, have continually
been fighting to keep this from happening wide spread. The Cross has kept
enough from letting the masses win with complacency.  Yet the times that the
people became too complacent, the situation of the nations have been bound
by the effects of lawlessness and sin.  If we understand that wisdom is
captured by faith, and not let our minds dictate what we think is right, but
wholly trust in the Spirit to guide us, we will once again realize the power
of God over a perverse generation. But if we don't see the wisdom in the
game we are playing, we will be nothing more than children complaining
because others are not playing right.  You and I are lights that shine in a
darkened world.  But I pray that our light has become more than a spark, but
that too, if we let it, by the power of the Lord, will be enough to keep
faith flowing in our country.  Let's not be the generation that has
forgotten who it is who saves us, and keeps us, through the Spirit, faithful
and dependent on His Word to guide us, and His Spirit to teach us and direct
our paths. Let's open our eyes to what is happening around us, and to look
at what is happening through spiritual eyes, and not the eyes of
self-contentment.  In other words, 'If I am content, I don't care what goes
on around me."  Looking at our surroundings with spiritual eyes, should
awaken the heart of every believer, to the way our country is heading, and
pray for forgiveness from the Lord, so that He will hear, and hopefully, if
it's not too late, heal our land.

Pastor Andy

Heavenly Father,  I pray that You Lord, will awaken Your children to prayer.
I pray that You will hear the prayers lifted to You daily and the top of
that list, I will start by asking for You to heal our land. If it is Your
will that we would be healed, and You are willing, I pray for healing, for
we are becoming a very complacent nation, complacent with sin.  I pray for
forgiveness.  I also pray for these I lift to You daily, that You would also
heal, and enable them to see Your glory. So I lift up:  Mike and his
sisters, Don, Dwight, Jim, Vanessa, Becky, the Markle family, Travis,
Virginia, Eric, Eva, Max, Rita, Pastor Berkey, Nancy, June, JT, Candace,
Meredith, Carolyn, Mike S., Ramona, Loren, Judy, Ben, the Young family,
Robby, Kathy, Terri, Becky, Montella, Charlie, Kim, Nada, Angie, Isabel,
Terry and his dad, Tim and his mom, Shelly and her mom, Pam and her son,
Kelly and her son, Richard and his dad, Julissa and a friend, Ellen's
friend, Kristena, Abby, Malachi, Corbin, Ryan, Olivia, Jeremiah, Joanna,
Tom, Evelyn, Joy, Ruth, Ada, JV, BJ, Ida, Betty H., Briggs Church, Jackie
Ann, Tonia, Todd, Liam, Aiden, Alan, Fisher, Tuly, Betsy, Michelle, Trevor,
Maria, Choya, Alex, Ken, Eric, Sandy, Andrea, Shannon, Robert, Pat, Ryan,
Tyson, Wendy, Joyce, Betty, Gus, Lisa, Alice, David, Phyllis, Devon, Cindy,
Marliana, Cynthia, Berry, Johnny, Annette, Kim, Gary, Gavin ,Shawn, Laurie,
Heather, Codi, Ron, Deane, Dan, Rheba, Pam, Mike, Austin, Harriet, Fred,
Dotty, James, Scott, April, Craig, Hunter, Betty, Asher, Lynette, Kathy,
Jennifer, Patrick, Abe, Trent, Garret, Mayeaux, Ben, Jason, Ashley, Marc,
Macy, Jade, Bob, Tracy, Abraham, Elijah, Japheth, Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany,
Mike, Megan, Jeff, Laura, Carmello, Kaitlyn, Tim, Michelle. I pray for my
family, my wife and children and grandchildren, that we keep focused on You
today.  I pray these things in Jesus name.

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