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December 28, 2016

There is an old song by Keith Green, that goes like this: "My eyes are dry,
my faith is old, my heart is hard, my prayers are cold. And I know how I
ought to be, alive to You and dead to me."  Perhaps this song is stuck in my
heard today, because the Lord is reminding me that my prayers of late, are
cold.  Nothing seems to make me ache for the Lord to speak to me. Nothing
has stilled my soul so much that I feel the very presence of the Lord!  And
I wonder why? Don't I have many that still call for prayers? Don't I have
things in my life that still cause me to ache for the Lord to come quickly?
I sure do; then why are my eyes dry? Why is the weight of the church, or the
crime and godlessness still present in the world not bothering me more?  Why
are my eyes dry?  Why does my heart feel so hard?  For I know that dying to
self keeps us on our knees before the Lord. I know that He is the One who
keeps me focused on Him.  Has He left me? No!  Has He stopped caring? No!
And actually He lets me know in so many ways, that He cares more and more
every day.  Then I look at the chorus of the song that is playing in my
head: "But what can be done, for an old heart like mine. Soften it up, with
oil and wine. The oil is You, Your Spirit of love. Please wash me anew, with
the wine of Your Blood."  I know that He is the One who can and will bring
my heart back to the place of worship with Him. So I go to Scripture and to
the place of prayer. One is where He taught us to pray: "Therefore, you
should pray like this: Our Father in Heaven, Your name be honored as holy.
Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us
today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven
our debtors. And do not bring us into temptation, but deliver us from the
evil one. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever,
Amen."  Matthew 6:9-13  When Jesus was praying for His disciples, He said:
"Now I am coming to You, and I speak these things in the world so that they
may have My joy completed in them." John 17:13  His joy completed in us, is
the heart surrendered to Christ.  His love and His compassion is the fire
that keeps the heart burning with purpose.  When our heart turns hard, or
complacent, as it does in many on occasions, it's time to allow Christ to
cleanse us once again. It's time to return to the joy of our salvation.
Many will think that this is a weak person, who has to always be fed with
milk, but I would rather say, that this is a heart of a person, dedicated to
Christ, and listening to the Holy Spirit speaking to us, even during times
when everything around us has lost its significance or meaning.  It's the
time of renewal of the heart, by engaging the Spirit to renew us once again.
I need these reminders from time to time, and I'm not afraid to tell you so.
The times when it's hard to even pray. For they do come, but when they come,
I go to the Lord with the plea to please wash me again with the wine of His
blood.  I plead with the Lord to renew the love that I have even for those
who seem unlovable to me. He reminds me once again, that I am His, and His
love for me, has not grown cold, and His compassion for those who seem so
lost is still a raging fire within Him.  For I feel it in the Spirit, as He
lets me know that His desire is for me to have this same kind of compassion.
His will is for us to weep for the ways of the world, to rely on Him to keep
the fire of faith burning brightly, so that we will never stop praying, and
keeping our heart surrendered to Him for daily care.

Pastor Andy

Heavenly Father, You know my heart, and You know when it grows hard because
it seems like it's a waste of time to try to be a light in the world that
loves darkness. Yet, You tell me that I am not to give up, that You have
never given up, and that I only need to take Your yoke upon myself, to ease
the burden that I feel in my heart, the burden that leads to complacency
because of my lack of patience.  Forgive me for that.  Please ignite the
fire of love and compassion that I know You have placed in my heart.  Let my
prayers be filled with sincere love for others, so that You Lord, will know
that I plead my case in sincerity.  I place before You: Don, Dwight, Lynn,
Sammie. Two families that I love, and that are fighting the ravages of
disease.  Please touch them! I bring to you: Michele, Carol, Pam, William,
Carrie, Ada, Rheba, Mary, Veronica, Douglas, Fritz, Dan, Dillon, Tara,
Kristena, Kristen, Don.  Some of these need Your salvation; others need Your
comfort and healing. Please, Please touch them! I pray for: Carolyn, Gene,
Terry, Angie, Isabel, Mike S., Barbara, Candace, Meredith, Abe, Ramona, Ben,
BJ, Ida, JV, Nada.  There is need of Your healing, Your touch of faith, Your
renewal of hearts. Lord give strength. I pray for: Eva, Kelly and her son,
Corbin, Robert, Pat, Ryan, Fred, Dotty, Scott, April, for comfort , healing,
and relationship renewal.  Please heal them! I pray for: Tracy, Abraham,
Elijah, Japheth, Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany, Mike, Megan, Jeff, Laura, Tim,
Carmello, Kaitlyn, that these warriors be given supernatural strength, Your
strength to carry on Your work in the world. I pray for: Alex, Ken, Lynette,
Patrick, Kathy, Jennifer, Montella, Nancy, June, Pastor Berkey, Harriet,
Shelbi, Fisher, Marlaina, Cynthia, Loren, Mike, Pam, Clara, Jerry, Gary,
Diane. Lord, please change hearts, to become more like Yours.  For these and
for my own family, I pray for You to show Your glory today, and revive us
once again, for I ask it in Jesus name. Amen.

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