The Journey Thoughts

January 6, 2017

Readers: After years of writing this journey, I have come to a place where
the Lord is impressing upon me, the need to return to the classroom, His
classroom.   I have always done this for the glory of the Lord, and believe
every step of the way, He has been leading in it.  Lately however, He has
impressed upon my heart to spend this time with Him, alone, so that I can
come to the well of refreshment.  I don't know what the tomorrows hold, but
I know that it is all up to Him, and I will return to the computer, when He
tells me.  I do however, plan to keep a weekly update on the prayer list, so
I would ask everyone that would like to be a part of that prayer team, to
please let me know by return e-mail, and I will keep you on the list,  That
will be the only list I will use, for I believe in prayer, and I know that
the Lord wants me to keep all you who are prayer warriors in the loop for
prayer.  As all of us are entering a new Journey of their lives, I must be
obedient, and it's not that He doesn't want me to put this journey out any
longer, it that He wants me to draw closer to Him daily, and get back to the
relationship He wants to have with me during this time.   As many things
will do when we serve the Lord, writing has taken on a different meaning for
me, one of a task to complete, and I have always promised the Lord, I will
do it as long as it glorifies Him, as a love offering and not an obligation.
If and When the Lord wants me to continue with this, I will send out a
letter confirming those who wish to participate.  I would ask however, that
you stay in the Lord, reading daily, from the Word, for that has always been
my desire, that you open the Word of God, to finish the verses that I
supplied on the paper.  I realize however, that it becomes easier for one to
read an article on paper than  to open the Word, and I encourage you to open
the Word.  Take the time daily to sit with Him, over that cup of coffee, and
make it just you and Him, and not you and the journey. There seems to be
things happening on earth and in heaven, perhaps the preparation for the
Lord's return.  Who knows, yet our job is not to know, but to be ready, and
the only way we can be ready is to read daily, meditate on His Word, and
draw closer to Him in prayer and petition. He is always faithful and He is
who we must be hearing from daily, not me.  If He stops speaking through me,
there is a reason, and I need to get out of the way so that He can speak to
you directly.  Please know that instead of my e-mail list, you will become
my prayer list, and I will pray for you daily, as you seek to draw closer to
Him.  May our Lord and Savior bless you by His presence in your lives, as
you continue on the journey He has laid out for you.

Prayers needed: The Schneider family, who lost their dad, husband, son, and
sibling.  Starla's mother, Brent's grandfather, Dwight and Sammi, Clara,
Cathy, Shannon, Roy, Carol, Gene, Terry, Angie, Isabel, Pam, William,
Carrie, Ada, Rheba, Mary, Veronica, Douglas, Fritz, Dan, Dillon, Tara,
Kristena, Kristen, Don, Carolyn, Jackie Ann, Mike S., Barbara, Candace,
Meredith, Abe, Ramona, Ben, BJ, Ida, JV, Nada, Eva, Kelly and her son,
Corbin, Robert, Pat, Ryan, Fred, Dotty, Scott, April, Tracy, Abraham,
Elijah, Japheth, Matt, Liz, Matt, Bethany, Mike, Megan, Jeff, Laura,
Michele, Tim, Carmello, Kaitlyn, Alex, Ken, Lynette, Patrick, Kathy,
Jennifer, Montella, Nancy, June, Pastor  Berkey, Harriet, Shelbi, Fisher,
Marlaina, Cynthia, Loren, Mike, Pam, Jerry, Gary, Diane. Please keep your
pastor in prayer, and my family.   Thank You Lord, that You are concerned
about our welfare, and that You constantly want to draw us closer to You.
May You be given all praise and glory as each day we start face to face with
You.  Please hear our hearts as we pour out our love and concerns to You,
because You are holy, and we so much desire to have You direct the paths of
our lives daily.  I praise You, and honor You in Jesus name.

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