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April 28, 2017

"So, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, instinctively do what the law demands, they are a law to themselves even though they do not have the law. They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts. Their consciences confirm this. Their competing thoughts will either accuse or excuse them on the day when God judges what people have kept secret, according to my gospel through Christ Jesus."  Romans 2: 14-16  The behavior of the believer! I, for one, realize that we are saved by grace, and not by works. The problem is that there are many who state that they believe in Jesus, but their lives, even those lived in secret, are lived for the self, with no fruit of righteousness. They hide under the banner of being saved by grace as a reason for not doing anything for the Lord, or in Christ's name. When God judges people on that day, it will not be by what they say, but by what they do, for the intents of the heart are revealed in the activity of the saints.  Does that mean that we, who strive to "work" for Christ are then justified? Of course not, for we can be doing lots of things with wrong motives and our thoughts are still wrong. But what compels us as believers, to do things for Christ? Is it love, or the desire to be seen by other men? Is it to appear before God as one with righteous works?  The love we have for the One who saved us, should bring us to want to be more like Him.  To listen because we believe that He speaks through the Spirit to us. This morning, let's take a quiet time to ask the Lord, to reveal the true intents our heart, and then ignite within us, a fire, to complete what He has started in us.


Lord, show us what really goes on within us, for we are good at hiding things. I pray for a clean heart, for a heart desirous to please You.  Please listen to my plea, as I lift to You: Rheba, Harriet, Ada, Karrie, Dale, Carlie, Gary, Speros, Carolyn, who needs you desperately, Cynthia, Barbara, Loren, Marlaina, Jackie Ann, Becca, Mike, Pam, Denise, Johnson's, Jody, Laura's mother, Amy, Mike Stox and his mother and brother, Mike S., Gus, Lisa, Tracy.  I pray for a revival within the hearts of all who call on Your name, that we would be renewed, strengthened, and be of courage to bring Your name to all who You lead us to today, for I ask it in Jesus name. 

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