The Journey

May 17, 2017

According to Luke, the very last thing Jesus said was, "Father, into Your hands I entrust My spirit." Notice that was His human spirit. His body would still be on the cross for a while, and His mind ceasing to function with the body, but His spirit, He gave to the Father.  He would meet that night with the man on the other cross in paradise, where Jesus promised him he would be.  He would settle in for three days in the comfort of the Father enjoying being in His Heavenly Home. Even though He rose from the dead on the third day, He was now enjoying the life without pain, without suffering, and He would show Himself to His disciples so that they too, would know that what He was telling them was true.  He would offer His hands and His side to Thomas, to put his fingers in the nail holes, and his hand in His side, but believe what was happening, and what was true. Jesus did this, not only for them, but for them to document, so that we too, can have assurance that once we leave this body, we will entrust our spirit to the Lord, and even though our physical bodies will not have life in them, our spirit, that part of us that makes us alive, will continue to live with Him.  I know many of you struggle with fear of death, unsure just like Thomas, but once he saw, he proclaimed, "My Lord and my God!" Jesus would answer, "Because you have seen Me, you have believed. Those who believe without seeing are blessed."  John 20:28,29  How about you? You say you are a believer, but will you entrust all that you are to Christ? Will you live, knowing that this is not your true home?  Will your faith be without waiver because you have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking truth?  Will you be ready for that day?


Heavenly Father, Stephen saw You, and into Your hands he entrusted his spirit.  I pray that you will guide all of us to the full understanding of what faith in You really means. I know Lord, that You want all of us, You want us to live under full guidance of Your Spirit, so that our spirit will be guided into truth. I pray for hearts that no longer fear death, but see You clearly; I pray for lives that become totally sold out to You, for what Your will is for us while we journey on this earth. May You guide our steps today, and keep us at peace, but moreso, keep us abiding in You, I pray in Jesus name.

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