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May 22, 2017

People had been swarming to Jesus to be healed, and He had just fed the 5000. After that He went to prayer, and during prayer asked His disciples this: "Who do the crowds say that I am?' They answered, 'John the Baptist; others, Elijah; still others, that one of the ancient prophets has come back.'  'But you,' He asked them, 'who do you say that I am?' Peter answered, 'God's Messiah!'" Luke 9:18-20   They had heard what others were saying; they were with Jesus, but did they believe what others were saying, or what they knew within themselves. Peter, who would even deny knowing Christ later when He was arrested, still knew who He was. He was the Messiah. Today, people would say, 'He was a good man, or a prophet, or even God's Son, but do they believe He is the Messiah?  Do they believe that He is still alive and sits at the right hand of God, and intercedes for us, and instructs the Holy Spirit, the things to say to us. Even though Peter knew who Jesus was early on in His ministry, he still made mistakes of unbelief and self-protection when it came to those who opposed him.  But after the ministry of the Holy Spirit on the bright Pentecost day, he changed, and although still not perfect, started living his life under the power of the Holy Spirit.  You and I are a lot like Peter.  We know who Jesus is, yet have we honestly made Him Lord of our lives?  Have we been changed by His presence?  Have we relied on the Holy Spirit to fill us with the will of our Lord for our lives? Or do we just know Him?  It's probably a very good question to ask ourselves each day: Who do you say Jesus is? He is either Lord of ALL, or not Lord at all. Give Him praise for He is worthy. He cares for you and me, and He is watching over us, and if we ask, He will reveal Himself personally to each of us through His Spirit.


Lord, we don't have to have You appear to us to know WHO You are. But please just say the word, to comfort, heal, strengthen, and calm the storm within. Please replace the bitterness growing in this country with Your love, which I know has never left us. I pray for: Ellen, Loren, James, Montella, for a young child being bullied, and for those who do the bullying. I pray for Mike, and for Mike S., I pray for our Missionaries, and those in our Military to protect them from harms way, and for our first responders. I pray for: Cynthia, Carolyn, Barbara, Jackie Ann, Loren, Speros, Pam, Joann, Rheba, Ada, Harriet, Peggy.  Father, let us see You today, I pray in Jesus name.

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