The Journey

June 26, 2017

It's amazing to watch little children, who have a special blanket, or stuffed animal, that becomes their security. That "thing" that has been all over the house and outside, and looks awful, yet you can't leave the house without it, and try putting down the little one for a nap without it. But don't we all still have a security blanket in our lives? To some, it is their house, although many will still have a weapon hidden somewhere for extra protection and security.  For some it is an animal, who will alert them when danger is near.  But as I sit here this morning, looking out my office window, there is not a breeze moving the leaves of the Vitex tree outside. There is peaceful stillness, and I am reminded of Psalm 46 where the Psalmist pens: "Be still and know that I am God." So I wait, and in the stillness, meditate on His Word: "God, hear my cry; pay attention to my prayer. I call to You from the ends of the earth when my heart is without strength. Lead me to a rock that is high above me, for You have been a refuge for me, a strong tower in the face of the enemy. I will live in Your tent forever and take refuge under the shelter of Your wings." Psalm 61:1-4 I have this wonderful peace that settles over me like a fog, shrouding my whole being, and bringing comfort and peace. Even when I hear the sounds of thunder in the distance, or am cognizant of a trial looming on the horizon, I know that within me I have the greatest security blanket ever, for I have the assurance of the Lord.  He has given His Holy Spirit, to comfort even in times of trouble. He makes the peacefulness of the morning. He brings the breeze in the heat of the day; He provides shelter for the storms, and how could we NOT be at peace.  I pray this peace for you all today, for none of us knows what today will bring, but the positive thing we do know is that whatever it does bring, we will not be alone, for our security, our refuge, our strong tower, will walk with us.


Heavenly Father, I pray Your peace over: Lacy, Pete, Lauren, Sonny, Coral and her son, Patty S., and her children, Pam, Mike S., Rheba, Harriet, Ada, Jack, Carolyn, Cynthia, Loren, Barbara, Jackie Ann, Speros. I pray for each heart that reads this today, that we all will take a moment to rest in You Lord. I pray for You to change us once again, and renew the fire that once burned bright within us, and make it a raging passion for Your will.  I pray this in Jesus name.

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