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June 30, 2017

What kind of man would give an innocent man to be put to death. Pilate, when he realized that there was nothing to crucify Jesus over, wanted to set Him free, but the crowd wanted none of it. They told him, "If you release this man, you are not Caesar's friend. Anyone who makes himself a king opposes Caesar!" Even though there was no evidence against Jesus, the crowds wanted Him dead. It's amazing how easily they were turned from throwing down leaves in front of Him on His journey into the city, to now screaming for His death. But let's take a look at Pilate. He continues with: "When Pilate heard these words, he brought Jesus outside. He sat down on the judge's bench in a place called the Stone Pavement (but in Hebrew Gabbatha). It was the preparation day for the Passover, and it was about six in the morning. Then he told the Jews, "Here is your King!" But they shouted, 'Take Him away! Take Him away! Crucify Him!' Pilate said to them, 'Should I crucify your king?'"  John 19:12-15 Pilate, the leader, was so weak, he was unable to stand for what he knew to be truth. We can criticize Pilate, but what about us? Would we stand for the truth, if it meant everyone shunning us, hating us.  We see our politicians bending every day to the vocal minority, instead of standing firmly on the convictions that got them voted in to begin with.  Pilate was listening to the vocal minority, that group that was brought in to agitate the crowd, and put pressure on him.  Today we still have groups of minorities, that seem to get what they want, because they are so vocal, that they will, through hate and agitation keep up pressure to get what they want, and it is effective.  So what if you were the only one your area to stand for faith in the midst of very vocal opposition? Would you stand, or would you melt away into the crowd, because you didn't want to be confronted?  One day surely we will all find ourselves at the place of having to stand for what we believe in. Do we have the faith to make that stand?


Lord, give us strength to stand. Help us to have the courage to stand, even if we have to stand alone.  Give us the courage to speak when all else speaks against us.  Lord protect us as we listen to You, and speak the Words You give us at that time.  I pray Father, for those who are faint of heart.  Please be with them. I pray for those who need Your touch, Your healing, Your strength, Your compassion, Your peace.  May we be healed today so that we can stand when that day comes, for I ask it in Jesus name.

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