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May 5, 2017

I get enthusiastic about being around other believers. Sunday is a charged day for me, because the very community of faith put together in a group, and all worshiping the Lord at once, gives me strength. I gives me encouragement that the message I bring is not being laid on closed ears and minds.  But one thing I realize, and that is, that the feeling community brings me, is not what I seek, but is a result of a community of praise to God, who I seek. I love it when others reach out to Jesus, even if it is only one day each week.  There were false teachers in Paul's time, as there are today. One instance reveals that they were leading the Galatians astray, and Paul confronts this: "What happened to this sense of being blessed you had? For I testify to you that, if possible, you would have torn out your eyes and given them to me.  Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth? They are enthusiastic about you, but not for any good. Instead, they want to isolate you so you will be enthusiastic about them. Now it is always good to be enthusiastic about good - and not just when I am with you." Galatians 4:15-18  We should have a heart to be enthusiastic about fellowship, about doing good, about sitting in a classroom learning about what it means to be a Christian. But our enthusiasm should always point to the Savior, for He is the center of who we are. He is the reason for the joy we have, and it becomes easy to be an encourager to one who needs it, when we are enthusiastic about our faith. So don't be afraid to let your joy show, not for the sake of following a person, but enthusiastic because the Lord of the Universe is our Savior.


Lord, even in the face of Your name being maligned more than ever, I still feel blessed to call myself a believer. Regardless of how others think, You are the joy I experience, and I pray that You will help all of us to continue in You, in joy, in faith, in perseverance, and that we can honestly experience an enthusiasm that can touch the hardest heart, and heal the deepest wound. I pray for Your guidance as You lead us today and we follow in the blessed name of Jesus.

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